Winnipeg Paranormal Group in the Aikins Case

Our clients in the Aikins home reported things moving, screaming and other odd noises.

Here is an example of an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) one of the team members discovered while playing back the digital recording. A couple of the team members had been talking, stopped and there was a disembodied voice whispering before team member, Adam, said “It’s snowing.” Although, the one thing we can’t agree on is what exactly this voice was whispering? Can you tell? What do you think it’s saying? Research into the background of the home was inconclusive. Remember, the best way to listen to EVPs is with a good pair of headphones.

EVP with other voices of team members:


EVP of disembodied voice isolated:


Author: Kelly Smith

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  1. are you looking for any one to joining the team I would like to ….have had extraordinaire experiences my self and well versed in the reality of hauntings …not to much in things that aren’t human but most everything else

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  2. My interpretation of the EVP from the Aikins case is “Papa’s dead.”

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    • I agree, It does sound like the voice is saying Papa’s dead or something

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  3. “Patos de” a place name in Brazil is what it sounds like to me. Brazilian language?

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  4. To me it sounds like two sounds.
    The first is the word “Altos” as in the section of female singers in a choir.
    The second is a clock tick.
    If the word is “altos”, then it could also be the tapping of a conductor’s baton on a music stand.

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