Meet the Team

The Winnipeg Paranormal Group is a team of both experienced and newly trained paranormal investigators. We  investigate both private residences and public venues throughout Manitoba, where clients need help explaining the problems they may be experiencing. The team investigates, researches, documents and uncovers any evidence of either ‘real world’ explanations or activity that can only be explained as paranormal and presents it in follow up with clients.

We conduct ourselves in a professional and discretionary manner because our ultimate goal is to help our clients and put their mind at ease. The number of team members who will attend each investigation will depend on the size and layout of each venue. We record using various tools including infrared cameras, digital cameras, digital recorders and emf meters.

Although our services are at no cost to the client because we are all volunteers following our passion, we do take donations to cover any expenses and travel.

Kelly Smith – Director, Lead Investigator/Owner

Ashley Barnes – Research Director, Lead Investigator/Owner

Chris Rutkowski – Consultant

Kelly Barnes – Lead Investigator

Chris Reid – Investigator

Scott Edie – Investigator

Ed Horton – Investigator

Tazz – Consultant/Investigator

Melanie Greene – Investigator

Greg Everett – Investigator