Rambunctious Renovations Case – Spirit Box

Members of The Winnipeg Paranormal Group went to a Winnipeg private residence in which the homeowners were in the process of doing renovations in their basement. They reported minor happenings since purchasing their home such as doors opening and the shower curtain being pulled back, but didn’t think much of it.

Since doing recent renovations, activity increased. In fact, a skeptical friend swears seeing a child sitting on their bed downstairs and a few minutes later was gone. They also reported the television moving and their dog suddenly barking in the middle of night when he was normally calm and quiet. Although still skeptical, they asked our team to come out for a night and take a look around. We set up night vision camcorders, digital recorders for evps, a laser grid and a spirit box.

Towards the end of what seemed like an inactive night, our team members sat down for a spirit box session. The spirit box uses radio frequency to contact spirits. While we don’t solely depend on this tool for answers, it can be both an interesting but controversial tool between members.  Here are some of the answers we heard while asking questions. What do you hear?

The question we ask is, “Are you a little boy or a little girl?”


“What is your name?”


Author: Kelly Smith

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  1. I Heard in the first one “boy”

    And the 2nd one “Justin” or something similar to that.

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  2. I don’t know what a spirit box is exactly so I can’t say how it works, but having listened to both .wav files, I would recommend editing the .wav to remove the harsh repeated zapping sound since it is only between these sounds that anything audible can be distinguished.You may find something, perhaps a phrase between the gaps.

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