They Ain’t afraid of No Ghosts at Winnipeg Paracon

Updated: July 12, 2013 | 12:30 pm

By  Metro

Ghosts, UFOs, psychics, and all the things that go bump in the night are on the agenda for the city’s first paranormal convention set to haunt the Marlborough Hotel this weekend.

A dozen speakers from here and around the world are lined up to give presentations at Winnipeg Paracon 2013, and despite some of the spine chilling topics on tap — and a midnight séance scheduled to take place in the nearly 100-year-old hotel’s basement — organizer Sharon Granger tells Metro the event shouldn’t creep anyone out too much.

“You have to realize that people, whether they’re dead or alive, they’re the same — they’re still human,” she laughed after a Metro reporter admitted to being scared of ghosts. “It’s not really that scary.”

The speakers — including Winnipeg’s own ‘Ghostbusters’ Adam Dreger-Desjarlais and Alex Ivory of the Winnipeg Paranormal Group and local UFO investigator and researcher Chris Rutkowski — take a serious and scientific look at investigating the paranormal and out of this world, said Granger, herself a paranormal investigator.

“Some of them will be talking about dealing with clients and how to go ahead with investigations safely and legally,” she explained, noting the popularity of ghost hunting television shows has skewed the general public’s view of the process. “That’s purely entertainment… we’re here to say that’s not really how we do it.”

Author: Kelly Smith

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